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Why Not Make Your Own Challenge Coins?
Challenge coins really are a great legacy gift, conversation starter, ice breaker or great way to say thank you. This type of coin offers a great, lasting and unique medium on which to convey your message. From recognition coins to award coins to military anniversary coins and even wedding challenge coins, we cover the full gamut. We proudly manufacture military coins of excellence, custom challenge coins, medallions, medals, custom key chains, bottle opener coins, medals and medallions with ribbons, and special shaped coins.

Get Your FREE No Obligation Quote!
Every coin order we manufacture is completely custom and produced according to the design submitted and/or requested by our customer. Our normal minimum order quantity is one hundred coins but for a limited time I am offering a low fifty coin minimum order. Cost is highly dependent upon features that are added to the coin, coin size and quantity ordered. Receiving a quote is fast and free and there is never an obligation to purchase just because you request a price quote.

Free Coin Proof
Our artwork service is always free, meaning there is no additional cost for the artwork. We typically only provide artwork to our customers. Customers are defined as those doing business with us. Doing business with us means you have completed an order form including payment information. You will never be charged a single penny until you approve artwork and proceed into production, and you will never be coerced into approving artwork that you're not totally satisfied with. Please note the payment balance of your order is due upon approval of the artwork and prior to any form of production or manufacturing.

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Order Types
There are two different types of orders. No sample and with sample. A no sample order means that you approve artwork for full production. A with sample order means you approve artwork but want to see and approve a sample coin prior to full production. I recommend that customers who are new to creating their own custom coins select the with sample option, if they have questions about the way a paint color or metal finish will look with their coin. With sample orders usually carry no additional cost but there will be a $50 charge for with sample order types for order quantities less than 100 pieces.

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Manufacturing and Production
The manufacturing process can take as little as seven to ten business days, depending on the features included in your coin design. A non-colored coin (meaning no enamel paint color) will always be manufactured faster than coins with enamel paint color. Each additional feature adds to the manufacturing time required to produce your order. I have always been of the opinion that a quality product should never be rushed. Although we have been known to turnaround orders in as little as 5 to 7 days it's not something I prefer to do.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!
We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the craftsmanship of each custom coin we manufacture. If there is a manufacturing defect we will replace the affected coins for no additional cost.

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